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      Every family needs an intercessor, someone who will go to God in prayer on their behalf (James 5:16).  Does your family need a miracle? Is your family hurting or divided? Do you need God to intervene and fix what's broken in your family, even though you don't know how to pray about it? Let me help you.

      Prayer is a powerful and effective weapon that has given us to communicate with Him and for Him.  In Prayer Matters-40 Day Devotional for the Family, you will find that each devotion is packed with scriptures that are designed to support any issue that you need to pray about.  Your faith will begin to increase as you incorporate these scriptures into your prayers. Say them outloud and see the difference that it will make in you and in the lives of those you are praying for.

       Our Heavenly Father responds favorably when He hears His Word prayed in faith.  He is waiting to hear from you and to answer your requests for your family. 

Prayer Matters

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