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I attended Up From The Ashes last year in 2015.  The theme was "HE COMPLETES ME!" I left there feeling empowered.  It was confirmed in my spirit that the way that I am is not a mistake and that God made me this way for a reason.  That day I decided to come into agreement with God that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  I have everything that I need to be whole and complete because He made me in His image.  Thank you Pastor Karen for allowing God to use you and your guests in such a mighty way.   I will forever be in attendance!

KLO - Fairview Heights, IL

Woman of God with a heart for all women.  Pastor Karen understands the hurt, anger, and broken hearts of women.  She sees the purpose, beauty and strength of women.  Up From The Ashes is a godly experience of love, knowledge, and healing.

Renee S. - Belleville, IL

I enjoy attending these events because it is a time just for me.  I am among other women who can help me grow in all areas of my life.  It is a time away from my husband, job and children.  It is a time to fill me up so that I can grow in my relationship with God.  As a result, I am a better person.  I have a support group that is just for me and I am there to support other women.

D.B. - Swansea, IL

I attended the 2015 Up From the Ashes conference last November and the experience was amazing.  From the worship to the panel discussion to the Word presented by Pastor Karen, we as women of God, were truly blessed. I found it incredibly inspiring to come together with women from so many different denominations and traditions and I thank God for  the opportunity to hear the individual stories of each of the ladies on the panel . I was spurred on to obedience and faithfulness by their examples of trust, love obedience and submission.   It was also an incredible time of building unity within the body of Christ with my sisters in the Lord. What a blessing!

D.M. - Belleville, IL


Let me first thank your pastor and the Kingdom Life Christian Church for allowing me to be a part of what God is doing in this season in Belleville.    What an awesome opportunity for women to operate in a safe "zone" and be expressive without harsh judgement.  I pray it grows beyond you borders where women in this area can come and be real, be appreciated in their real news and receive real instruction to grow on.  

D.F. - Belleville, IL 


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