Stand Up Straight!

Luke 13:10-17

Recently I was asked to speak at a women's conference entitled, Women of Power! I am always excited to get invitations to speak up for women. I like to think of myself as the 'Harriet Tubman' for women in spiritual bondage. I know my purpose is to lead women into a life of liberty, free from the slavery of religious constraints. I don't do this by male bashing. I have never needed to do that. I am intentional about respecting the men who serve in God's kingdom. I simply try to point out in Scripture that we too are included , called, and necessary for God's mandate to be accomplished. Part of that mandate includes women as leaders!

This is a subject that I am very passionate about and our text proves that Jesus is as well. One Sabbath day Jesus is teaching in a synagogue and he sees a woman who has been crippled by an evil spirit. This woman has been bent doubled over for eighteen years and was unable to stand up straight. Jesus stops what he is doing, calls her over, tells her she is healed, touches her and instantly she could stand up straight!!!!

As I was studying this passage there were some wonderful insights that Holy Spirit showed me regarding women and how Jesus feels about us...all of us. Let me share these insights with you.

1. JESUS SEES YOU - You see the woman in our text represents most of us, at least in how we feel. some times or most times. She is nameless, crippled and carrying a great weight. She is bowed over which means she is not standing tall where she can be easily seen. However, this is the very thing that makes her noticeable to Jesus while being ignored by everyone else. Let me tell you ladies, regardless to how low you may be right now, Jesus sees you. No one may know your name right now but Jesus does. And regardless to how long you have been carrying your burden, Jesus is ready to deliver you.