When Right Isn't Easy and Easy Isn't Right

The Lord is more pleased when we do what is right and just than when we offer him sacrifices. Proverbs 21:3

Today, I was thinking about a trial that I had to walk through a few years ago. This was not a trial that I brought on myself. It was one that God had chosen for me. He gave me directions to do a particular thing that required a great deal of courage. I didn't realize just how much courage it would take until after I obeyed him. The opposition that came from making this decision caused me to shed tears, question people's loyalty to me, and question my own ability to hear from God. Was this God's plan in the first place? Did I move in fear or faith? Did I miss God altogether?

In hindsight, I recognize that it was all His plan. Like Abraham climbing up the mountain to offer Isaac as a sacrifice, God's plan was to see if I would obey him even when it did