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A-h-h! The Benefits!

Psalm 68:19 (NKJV)

19 Blessed be the Lord, Who daily loads us with benefits, The God of our salvation! Selah

Hello Ladies,

I wonder how many of you have had the privilege of knowing what it is like to enjoy special "benefits". As a pastor, I know what it is like to enjoy the benefit of special treatment depending on where I am. As a wife to a husband who was blessed to work for a good company, I know the benefits of having good, quality health insurance. As one who is self-employed, I know the benefits of being able to work at home or to work around my own schedule. So, I can say that I do know a little bit about the pleasures of having certain benefits.

Benefit defined, is something that is advantageous or good; an advantage: a payment or gift, as one made to help someone or given by an employer, an insurance company, or a public agency. When you look at the definition of this word, it sounds wonderful! It is meant to be a good thing to help people. Unfortunately, we live in a society where so many people who need the benefits cannot get them. You may even be one of them. If so, hold your head up because I have a word today that will bless you and it is found in God's word!!! He offers us the best benefit package that anyone can offer.

I don't know how often you think about how much God loves us. He thinks about us all the time. But He doesn't just think about us, He takes care of us. There is not a need that we have that He has not thought about before we ever had the need. There is not a day that we enter into where He has not ALREADY made provision for us. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the need that we overlook the Provider. When we do that, we miss one of the benefits of having benefits, which is peace.

Let's look at our text today in the Amplified version. Psalm 68:19, Blessed be the Lord, Who bears our burdens and carries us day by day, even the God Who is our salvation! Selah [pause, and calmly think of that!]

What an amazing truth to think about! I don't know of any company or government agency that can make this same claim. Regardless to how great the benefits may be from man, they come with stipulations and limitations. Insurance companies have a limit on what they will cover and how much they are willing to pay. Recently my husband and I had our annual eye exam. The insurance company would only pay for my prescription and he had to wait another month because he was not in the time frame of his coverage.

Companies that come with "perks" are only as good as the service that you provide to them or their ability to continue to maintain them. If that company is sold, the new owners may not offer the same benefits. But that is not the same with the God that we serve. He is concerned about our every need and He puts no limitations on them. There is no possible way that you will ever get a notice from heaven saying that you have reached your limit or that you have a need that heaven does not cover!!!! 19 Blessed be the Lord, Who daily loads us with benefits, The God of our salvation! Selah

A-h-h! I urge you to take a moment and just think about this. Have you ever had to choose the amount of insurance coverage that you could afford? Did you have to leave off some family members because it would have been too much? Or did you have to let some other necessity go in your life because you had to pay for your insurance coverage? So you know what I am talking about. This is what makes this scripture so powerful! When you woke up this morning your were greeted with a Kingdom load of benefits for whatever your need might be!!!

So what are your worrying about? What has you so burdened that you can't see how you can make it another day? Instead of thinking on those things, switch your thoughts to the God who is your salvation. Bless Him and give Him glory because He's got you covered!!!


Pastor Karen

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