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Yielding to the Urge to Pray

Colossians 4:2 (TPT)

2 Be faithful to pray as intercessors who are fully alert and giving thanks to God.

Greetings everyone!

I hope that you are doing well during this COVID-19 situation. I hope that you are finding ways to keep your faith stirred and active. No doubt it has become quite the challenge to adapt to this new way of living without letting fear, anxiety, and frustration rule and ruin your day.

Thankfully, as Spirit-filled Believers we have options! We have the option to sing praises unto the Lord to lift our spirits (Psalm 59:17).

  • We have the option to worship God to drive away the spirit of fear (Psalm 89:15).

  • We have the option to read the Bible to remind us that no matter what, God is still in control (Psalm 119:114).

  • We have the option to be thankful that things are as well as they are (Psalm 118:1).

  • And finally, we have the option to pray to a God who hears us and will respond to our cry Psalm 34:17).

Stay in Prayer Mode

Prayer is so important and powerful that the bible tells us to never stop praying (1 Thessalonians 5:17). In other words, stay in prayer mode. Be ready to pray when the Spirit of God urges you to do so. It is never in vain and it will accomplish what God intends (Psalm 34:6).

Let me share my recent experience with you. A few weeks ago I went to the church to do some work. When I walked into my office, the Holy Spirit instructed me to sit in the sanctuary for a while and spend time in the presence of the Lord before doing my work.

I put on some worship music and just sat there. As I was worshipping, the Holy Spirit directed me to begin to give thanks to God. As I obeyed in giving thanks to God, the Holy Spirit began to overwhelm me with prayer. I could not stop. It was as if the spirit of the Lord had fully taken over my tongue. Then I began to thank God for angelic assistance. I didn’t know why I was saying this in such a specific way but I couldn’t stop it.

Angels on Assignment

Finally, it lifted and I was able to return to work. However, every now and then during the day, the spirit of thankfulness would overwhelm me again.

When I left work that day I got a text message from my daughter-in-law letting me know that God had just spared her life and the life of my son!!! They were on their way to pick up pizza and got caught in the middle of gunfire as their car was stopped at a traffic light!!! They saw the gun pointed in their direction and they heard every shot. Even though they were not the intended target they were in the line of fire!!!

When she called me to give me the detailed story she said, “One thing I know for sure, God had his angels there to protect us! There is no other explanation as to why we did not get hit!” (Psalm 91:11)

Let me tell you that suddenly, immediately, and instantly I understood why the Holy Spirit had unctioned me to pray at what seemed like an inconvenient moment!! I had started my morning with prayer and bible study so why was I being asked to do more? Because the devil had a plan that wasn’t in God’s plan for my family. God needed an intercessor and I was available!

Colossians 4:2, 2 Be faithful to pray as intercessors who are fully alert and giving thanks to God.

Answer the Call

I tell this story to encourage you to stay in prayer mode! When the Holy Spirit urges you to pray, don’t put it off until some other time. Stop wherever you are and obey. It doesn’t matter the time of day. It doesn’t matter if God does not give you all the details. Simply obey! Someone’s life may depend on it!!

Be Encouraged,

Pastor Karen Jethroe

There are times when we do not know what to pray or even how to pray. God has given me the prayers for times such as this. In my book Prayer Matters - 40 Day Prayers for the Family prayer journal will you help you to pray through whatever you are facing and there is also a journal to write your feelings, thoughts, or whatever the Lord may be speaking to you as you pray. Place your order today at!


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